Pricing Confidence: Dare to Increase the Price

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You'll learn


How to increase your prices

You will learn the strategies and techniques to confidently raise your prices without fear. This knowledge is crucial because price increases, when implemented strategically, can significantly boost your revenue and profitability. You'll discover the steps to assess whether a price increase is warranted and how to communicate it effectively to your customers, ensuring a positive impact on your bottom line.


Calculating the impact of price increase 

Understanding the quantitative impact of a price increase is essential for informed decision-making. Through this course, you'll acquire the skills to calculate and analyze the effects of price adjustments on your business. This knowledge empowers you to make data-driven choices, helping you maximize your profits while avoiding potential pitfalls associated with pricing changes.


Ethical pricing expertise

Ethical pricing practices are critical for building trust with your customers and maintaining a positive brand image. In this course, you will learn the principles of ethical pricing, ensuring that your pricing strategies align with fairness and transparency. You'll gain the expertise needed to navigate potential ethical dilemmas and make responsible pricing decisions that benefit both your business and your customers.

What's inside

Module 1: Introduction to Profitability

  • Understanding the Importance of Pricing
  • The Impact of Pricing Decisions on Your Business
  • Building the Confidence to Price Effectively

Module 2: The Psychology of Pricing

  • Exploring Consumer Behavior and Price Perception
  • Behavioral Economics in Pricing
  • Leveraging Psychological Pricing Techniques

Module 3: Effective Value Communication

  • Communicating the Value Proposition
  • Crafting Persuasive Product Descriptions
  • Using Pricing Psychology in Marketing

Module 4: Pricing Strategies

  • Overview of Pricing Strategies
  • Selecting the Right Pricing Strategy for Your Business
  • Dynamic Pricing and Variable Pricing Strategies

Module 5: Building Pricing Confidence

  • Overcoming Fear of Price Increases
  • Strategies for Negotiating with Confidence
  • Building Resilience in Pricing Decisions

Module 6: Case Studies and Real-World Examples

  • Analyzing Pricing Success Stories
  • Learning from Pricing Failures
  • Applying Insights from Real-World Cases

Module 7: Ethical Considerations in Pricing

  • The Role of Ethics in Pricing
  • Pricing Transparency and Fair Practices
  • Ethical Pricing Dilemmas and Solutions

Module 8: Pricing Confidence in Action

  • Implementing Confident Pricing Strategies
  • Measuring the Impact of Price Increases
  • Continuous Improvement and Maintaining Pricing Confidence

What's included

#1- Basic pricing and profitability knowledge 

Interactive learning modules, real-life examples, and practical exercises provide a solid foundation in pricing principles and confident decision making. 

#2- A framework for planning and executing price increases

A framework is built during the course through hands-on exercises, resulting in a tangible and actionable plan for confidently raising prices in your business.

#3- Personal feedback on your pricing 

At the end of the course, you will have the opportunity to get personal feedback on your price increase plan. All the information shared is 100% confidential!

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